5 simple ways to earn extra money apart from your regular job.

2nd earning is a money you earn from something apart from your regular income.

In a digital world you don’t need to travel for everything. there are many ways you can earn sitting at home, best example is tuition.

If you are a subject teacher in a school or college you can start your own tuition classes for students.

If you are a sportsman then you can work as a coach in free time, There are always one or other ways to show your fashion and earn from it. You just need to find a way.

Warren Buffet says “If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.”

Below are the few work to consider if you don’t want to invest any money.

1: Taking Tuition Classes at your home

As said above parents are giving more and more importance to their children education, Extra tuition classes will benefit students to get hold on the subjects. For primary

and high school the extra tuition classes fees varies from 3000-10000/month in metros. Register free at here.

Nowadays in India education has high priority than anything else.

Most of the students do take extra classes apart from their regular school or college timetable.

Parents are very much concerned about their children education & most of the parents send their children to tuition classes to make their kids ahead of the race.

Parents prefer tuition classes as their children get extra attention by a tutor and most of the time it will be one to one classes.

In a metro a subject teacher earns an average 40,000 per month teaching just one subject by spending just 2 hours a day.

A married woman may not prefer to go out to a School or college every day to teach, instead if you start taking tuition classes you will be earning a decent money. You can teach either subject or any board exam preparation. Nowadays most of the students take coaching classes to get success in national level exams like IELTS, GMAT.

The challenge ahead for you is How to find students then?

Yes every tutor struggle in the beginning to find students, but it’s not so difficult as you think, There are no of ways fond students, Facebook, WhatsApp are a great way of advertising your classes, alternately you can register at justlearnnow.com to increase your no of students.

Other ways are posting your profile in many free websites.

Read out how to find students for my tuition classes? Article.

Initially you should usually need to start charging really a less fees compare to other tutors, this will help you getting more students & marketing yourself to next level.

2: Mentoring

 Mentoring is sharing knowledge, skills and experience and guiding others to help them grow in their career or life.

A Mentor is a person who guides in developing life skills or technical skills or anything which is very useful for mentee’s development.

If you are working professional in a IT company then you can guide someone who has just completed his education & searching for a job by offering him career guidance course which can cover CV writing, developing soft skills, Technical skills development.

Everyone in the world has some kind of special skills themselves like Painting, dancing, drawing, singing, arts & craft and so on or if you are working in a IT then you definitely

have a specific kind of skills to teach to your friends or colleagues.

Popular skills in IT are Software Testing, Programming, Database Tools, System

Administration, Designing Automation and so on.

The best way for these professionals is to take class in an existing training centers.

In metros most of the training centers has working professionals as their faculty, You can deliver faculty services in morning, evening or weekends only along with doing your regular job.

A Working professional earns an average of Rs 30,000 apart from his regular job by taking classes in weekends, morning or evening.

3: Online classes:

 Its digital world, everyone uses internet for one or other purpose. If home tuition’s are not feasible for you. You can choose to take online classes. Many student’s now

prefer online classes as traveling time may be more in metro cities also travelling cost will be saved.

Search for training institutes at justlearnnow.com and contact the training centers if they have online faculty requirement in their training centers.

Most of the coaching centers in India provide online classes to their students, it could be IT/Non IT courses, music classes, language classes, hobby classes.

4: Content Writing

If you think you are quite good at English grammar or writing in English, then think of writing articles or blogging.

There is a great demand for articles writer product writers, bloggers. there are many small to big companies hire content writers part time of on contract. Search for content writer in google you will see loads of freelancing sites where small companies post their writing requirements and most of the companies pay per article.

Every website, product has its own description, content writers are in great demand to write product description for every product in a company.

Due to popularity of social media companies hire time content writers on a article basis to write a content for social media.

Different types of writing are:

Blog posts

Product writing

Technical writing

Social media posts

Press releases

White papers

Webpage content writing

Article writing


Email communication to clients

How to find your customers then?

There are many websites available in the internet where you can let the world that you are a creative writer. Few of them are freelancer.com, worknhire.com

Just create you profile and start contacting employers.

5: Creative designing

 In a digital world, businesses are looking for people who has a excellent designing or graphic skills. if you think your designing is really good. then consider designing work. You don’t need to learn coding or you don’t need Photoshop or any skills. there are many software’s where you can just drag and drop images and edit them to your requirement. Companies pays $26- S100 per design.

Creative designing involves designing logos, posters, banners, brochures, pamphlets, hoarding.

Graphic designing demand is

Apponix technologies in Bangalore teach how to design using simple software. chick here to get classes from Apponix technologies, they provide both online and classroom training. it costs Rs 5000 to learn it.

Types of designing:

Brochure designing

Logo designing

Web pages


Cover pages designing

Banner designing

Posters designing