80% of people choose a career that they never like it!

Before choosing a Career stop listening to your friends or someone first, listen to yourself!

Most of the graduates or non-graduates who are searching for jobs ask their friend how is the some xyz career? he will answer based on the salary for that job and the type of work or what the job is about to be.

And hardly anyone guide to choose something you like, that’s really strange isn’t it?

If you ask few people, may be your friends or relatives, colleagues whether they really love their job, the answer will surely surprise you.

80% will definitely say they won’t like their job, then what made them to choose that job then? simple answer, they choose that job because they just get some money for their living, they did not choose that job out of passion.

Do you worry about your salary or your passion?

If you think always about the salary how much you are going to get if you get a job then some point of time you will end up working till you die.

you are doing that job because you are getting money not because you really like it.

its ok if you get a less salary, do a job that always satisfies you, the job you love.

In the world, more than 80% of the people don’t like their job, they just do it because they need money for their bread and butter.

Most of the people start their career in around 22-25 age and rest of their life they do the job which they never wanted or they never liked

if you are not happy in what you are doing then stop it immediately, do what you like or what you really love.

Trust me, you will regret it when you retire from your job, a survey had been conducted from an American organisation on people who are at their last stage in their life (old people), 65% people said “I shouldn’t have worked so hard in my life”.

Then how do you choose what job does it fit for you?

if you need to decide what your likes are or what kind of job you really need then just sit at home for 2 days and do whatever you like in those 2 days or spend those 2 days casually,

then after 2 days you just recall what did you do in these 2 days, and what made you happy or what made you boring.

if you enjoying putting a rangoli in front of your home daily without stress or without boring then probably you need to consider something related to creative designing.

or if you have enjoyed fixing any broken instrument or equipment then you are good at troubleshooting & choose similar jobs.

Just think yourself what you love the most?

Teaching kids?

writing something (articles, short stories)

Singing or playing music?

Do you like roaming in a city, then you can become a good travel agent!

Don’t think if you choose a job what you love will not give you a good money. when you start doing something which you love you will always find a better opportunity in that.

but never do a mistake of taking a job which you don’t love. you will regret sooner than later.

If you look around yourself ask any of friends or relatives if they love their jobs, the answer is either No, or somewhat, you will hardly get a yes answer.

you don’t need to do a job always for your living, you can consider working as a freelancer or start your own small business, everyone is good in one or other field.

I bet you have something unique in yourself than no one has, try to find what it is and take use of that.

Suppose if you take a job which pays you good salary but you don’t like to do that job, example in BPO sector, or as a reception or as trainee engineer, I know what you will be thinking when you are at office, you will be always looking at a clock on the wall and thinking when will it become 6 PM to finish your job, or you will simply spend most of your time in social media to pass your time.

your friend thinks you got a good job & you are lucky and you are happy, but the reality is you are not happy and you sometimes get bored in the office when you don’t have a sufficient work to do, and you will always try to avoid the work by giving some nonsense reasons.

Think of your school days when you really don’t want to go to school and you will always be thinking of the holidays, and you will be always expecting the teacher absence at school. same thing happens here also.

Ask your friends who are already working in a company earning good money, most of them say their working industry is good and they give some advice on how to get similar job but no one will suggest you to do a job which you love, it’s really crucial time to decide before

taking a wrong turn.

Don’t end up in choosing a bad career.

Choose a career that you really love it and you have passion in it.

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