Cloud Computing – More Demanding Skills in 21st Century

More Demanding Skills in 21st CenturyMore Demanding Skills in 21st Century

Why should you choose cloud computing as a career?

The choice of our career plays a huge role to determine what happen to the rest of our lives. Making this choice is not usually an easy decision. It usually depends on several trending and major factors in the society.

Information about a certain career helps individual to decide easily on his or her choice. Chosen a career or making a professional switch must be done carefully. Interests and ambition also need to be considered towards career choice making.

You need to consider your choice as regards to the job future. The development in information technology as it relates to the job you are considering has a major role to play in the career choice.

Cloud computing provides the opportunity for us to perform our computing functions efficiently. It is another career opportunity which is now considered to be a trending option for people with computer knowledge or backgrounds.

Most companies are now following the trend of cloud computing job options hence leading to increasing demand for experts in the field.

Cloud computing: a new career trend

Cloud computing has several attributes that makes it a trending career options. Such include the;

  • Huge potentials towards what it can achieve in the IT industry.
  • Diverse and magical impact in terms of the benefits has it helps businesses and other fields grow.
  • Exponential increasing global growth rate of 19%
  • Easier access to information around and anywhere with internet connection

This clearly illustrates the pace at which cloud computing as a career is progressing.

Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Service, and Google are some of the biggest cloud providers. They manage larger percentage of global cloud computing servers around the world. They serve as the main provider for so many other cloud computing distributor or users around.

There are different career positions in cloud computing industry. Specific related skills or Know how forms are the two major positions. The first is to acquire the specific cloud computing skills (which include the backup or recovery skills). You will have to do this in association with your IT knowledge.

The second part relates to acquiring a form of cloud-architecture know-how in order to become an IT administrator for the company.

It is important to understand that those enterprises that need specific cloud-based skills are usually dependent on those larger platforms such as the Amazon Web services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud platform.

Getting a career relating to cloud computing with these providers will be based on the individual conversance with up-and-coming DevOps automation processes and tools.

Few best reasons to choose career in cloud computing.

Cloud computing offers diverse career posts and opportunities.

  • Opportunity for you to be upgraded and learn to improve your skills in cloud computing platform.
  • It tends to give you an opportunity to work for a reputable company that provides you diverse benefits (Getting those benefits might not be an immediate achievement, but with your experience over the years with the company, you are likely to later get it).
  • Your years of experience are also needed before the company can hire you.
  • They will follow up by training you on their specific system needs or requirements to ensure you meet the company standard.

There are several other options or alternative you might get in cloud computing career which include the;

  • Getting a career choice in companies, banks, and industries that make use of IT systems that are based on cloud computing despite the fact they are not a specialist in such computing world.
  • It helps in building a valuable experience that can help to meet the needed desired career path.
  • There is likelihood of increasing demand for millions of cloud computing experts or professionals within the next few years due to its growth in cloud technology.

These factors provides a common opportunity linked to the getting or enhancing someone’s’ career with the cloud system.

We need to also understand that choosing cloud computing as a career of choice in IT industry can be considered a right choice due to the existence of multi-cloud, serverless AI, and newer possibilities. The breadth of skills in this field rather than the depth of experience help to widen the options available to cloud computing. The rate at which those cloud-related jobs evolve is even faster than other areas of tech hence provide diverse opportunities to make more money. As a major expert with the provider knowledge, you will have the understanding the major key differences. Especially as the differences relates to the strength and weakness of the major cloud providers such as the Microsoft Azure, Amazon, and Google cloud-based.

The above understanding gives you the option to take a good decision relating to your skills, experiences and the best section of cloud computing that suits your career. More options are available for you to choose cloud computing as a career.  The presence of various forms of training and certification programs associated with cloud computing makes your choice in cloud as the best.

There are several options for you to choose for when considering cloud computing career. Some of those options include the:

  • Cloud Security Alliance’s Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge (CCSK),
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect
  • Microsoft Cloud Platform and Infrastructure (MCSE),
  • Google Certified Professional Architect,
  • VMware Certified Professional (VCP), and
  • Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) Cloud.


The stability has been noted with the trend of cloud computing. It has recently created some level of trust and confidence in growth and development of the field and associated career options. If you decide to choose a career in cloud computing based on the available trend and growth, you are on the right part.  The increasing demand of expertise due to the continuum in the use of cloud computing by most companies or enterprise cannot be considered to be a wrong motivating factor for making the right choice. It can only be considered as the best especially when you have the skills and potentials to do the job.

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