Real Life of a working professional in India

Every one dream of that 6-digit salary a beautiful/handsome spouse, a car, and a house.

That’s really nice to hear it.

Wake up everyday early in the morning even though you feel sleepy and you don’t want to wake up, then get ready yourself, drop your kid to school or make your kid ready for

school, then drive or take public transport to get in to the office spending around 1 to 2 hrs. in the traffic, ufffff..

Clock does not stop here…………

Doing same job every day, listening to screaming boss, somehow you finish your 8-9 hrs job in office and then catch the same bus or drive back to home spending 2 more hrs in the traffic.

when you come at home its 8 PM! then its dinner time, if your wife is not working then you are bit lucky and the food will be ready, if your spouse is also working then (ufff) she or you have to cook, hardly getting time to speak to each other, your kid plays on his/her own and if your kid asks you to play with you, your reply would be” go and play yourself, I am really tired!”.

10 PM – it’s time to get active in some social media!. Comment, post, share ..nearly 11 PM… asleep. that’s it. your day is over. Next day same routine, don’t you think so?

If you are not married still, its less or more same, for food you go out every day with or without friends, some times to bar and have few beers. cheers!

so nearly 5 days in a week you spent like this, in weekends probably you will chill out with few friends or go with family to a nice restaurant or go visit some nice places to chill out,

So recall the weekdays, you spent nearly 11 hrs. for your work life, then 8 hrs. for sleeping. so major of your life time is either sleep or work, is this what we are born to? No definitely not.

Modern lifestyle is putting human life in to more stress, life is becoming more and more stressful. If you really enjoy the work, then you may not feel that much stress, but 80% of the people say they don’t like their jobs at all.

Majority of the working professionals hardly do what they really love to, because they don’t have time to do it.

If you have a painting or music hobby, how much time do you get to for your hobbies?

work life & social life needs to be balanced, if you think you are spending lot of your time in travel you need to stop that work and start looking for something near to your stay.

Spend as little time as possible to travel, try to give more time to your family, friends. money is not everything, of course money is need to fulfill your dreams and basic needs but earning should not be your life motive. you won’t get a lost time.

Do a job which you really like and enjoy, don’t stress yourself doing the unhappy job.

Did you know a working professional spend approximately 80% of his earning on others & spend only 20% for his own interests?

when you have just started a job, getting a decent salary, you spend most of the money on cosmetics, travelling, clothing, when time flies and you soon realize that at the

end of each month you have a big hole in your pocket and will be eagerly waiting for the salary again.

Spending few years as a working bachelor now turns to a groom or bride.

it’s time for marriage, after marriage life changes a lot, your routine is not just same as before, you need to go home after office else you will get a call from your

spouse regularly and asking same question ” Where are you, when will you come to home?”

Life goes on for another few years and now you have kids and you have more responsibilities now, child care is a most important in today’s life. schooling, your monthly expenditure becoming more on health, travel, schooling, food etc.

After working many years in the industry you will have hold on your skills and you will start looking for new job paying more salary, when you get a new job and a nice salary & you start thinking of buying flat or building a house.

In metros you need to spend at least 40 lacks to get a decent nice 2 or 3 bHK flats.

monthly EMI starts as soon as you take a home loan.

Probably you need a car as well, ending up in paying more EMI, most of the working professionals I have spoken says they pay more on the EMIs, anywhere between Rs 30K to 50K which is nearly 50% of the earning!

years goes on paying EMIs and fed-up of metro traffic & pollution, as you soon realize that it’s not going to end and starts thinking of secondary income or doing some kind of business.

At this stage most of the people step back in taking risk of giving up present job & doing business for only one reason, that is EMI.

Their first hurdle is bank loan, if they give up the job they think they can’t pay it without salary, and some kind of nervous & lack of confidence grows, because you have a big home loan & other monthly expenditure, then most of them just keep on thinking to give up job some time but they never do.

This is a crucial stage of your life, take a risk, doing what you love makes your life happy.

Here are our few advises we can offer freely!

Stop doing the job which you don’t like.

We know you have something really good skills, experience to offer for your next generation, start mentoring or start career as mentor or instructor.

You can work as instructor in training centers or even you can start it at your home.

Did you know IT or non-IT instructor earns an average Rs 40,000 per month by spending just 4-5 hrs. in weekends?

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