Reality of CAT Exams.

We all know getting in to a IIMs is great achievement of life.

when you are in college you will start thinking of CAT exam at some point of time or even you don’t know what is IIM or CAT exam, some seniors or friends will say they are preparing

for CAT exams, then that time you start thinking of getting in to IIM and you think if you take some coaching you will get in to it.

Every year more than 4 lack students appear for CAT exam, and only around 10K students get in to IIM institutions and around 10k students get in other top management

Colleges who take admission based on CAT results.

When you finish your degree you will start looking for CAT coaching institutes where you can join and take some CAT coaching and start dreaming of IIM seat!

When you join the center and saw the 1st topic taught by the faculty then you realize that oh its really very hard to pass the exam and somehow you complete the training without understanding the topics or syllabus in the exam, by this time you have spent money in taking coaching and spent time on studying something you really struggling to.

90% of the aspirants prepare for the exam in wrong way.

You need to understand the concepts of the subjects and study the syllabus and then start preparing, just taking coaching will never help you to pass the CAT exam, it needs lots of preparation in right direction, always using a formula for calculating something then it means you have not understood the logic behind the question, I bet you never need a formula to calculate something ex. interest rate calculation, it need basic understanding of what is rate of interest what is principle. it applies to everyone

Below are the most important topics covered in all CAT coaching centers:

Quantitative aptitude

data interpretation

Verbal ability

Logical reasoning

The competition is really tough, if you are in general category the competition is again really tough for you. start preparing in right direction, nowadays lots of branded

institutions will hire IIT alumni as faculty but the reality is most of them may not have proper presentation or teaching skills.

they might have cracked the exam, but if they can’t teach the way the students learn then it’s difficult for you.


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